Wednesday, June 01, 2005


You have heard that the money is in the list, but have you seen it in action for yourself?

Top marketers have found that you can earn $1 every single month for each subscriber you have on your opt-in list.

So if you have 1000 subscribers, you can estimate making $1000 per month through the promotions you mail to your list. That's great, but just imagine if you had 150,000 subscribers you could contact each and every month! You would potentially be looking at over $1,800,000 in additional profits per year that would go straight into your pocket!

This may sound far fetched to you, but I personally know of 9 marketers, that I can think of off the top of my head, that are in fact doing this year in and year out.

I'm sure that you would like to duplicate their success rates, but maybe you have tried to build a list already, and it hasn't gotten you very far. Don't worry, I'm confident that I can help you with that.

Chances are that you haven't been able to successfully build your own opt-in mailing list for one of four reasons:

1. You tried to build it by yourself without outside help

2. You bought a list of names and email addresses instead of collecting them yourself

3. The process took longer than you thought and you stopped before you saw any real results

4. While the desire was there, you were never really sure where to begin and never got started

Which category do you fall under?

Now that we have identified the problem, let's get real. Are these reasons or just excuses? If the guy next door can build a list and make a pile of cash, can't you?

What if that guy next door was willing to help you?

Would that get you interested and motivate you to start?

Better yet, what if everyone you know started to rapidly build your opt-in list for you?

Trust me, when I first got started in marketing, I made the very same mistakes as your making now. It took me over a year to even believe that I needed a list myself. Then once I finally caught onto the concept, it took me another year to realize that buying leads was not the way to go. Fast forward 5 years, and I've grown my list from 1 lead to 363,902 opt-in subscribers.

How did I do this?

Well, certainly not alone.

Along with my partners, I've created the most innovative way to build an opt-in list that the internet has ever seen. This is not your ordinary safelist. In fact, the concept was so huge, that we actually needed to build a double list builder into the system to handle the load of leads.

That's right, with The List Machine, you are not just building one list, but you are building two independent opt-in lists!

Plus, your list if always changing and growing, so you can reach new prospects each and every time you use the system!

Let's face it, you can join 10 different lists and pay 10 times, or join TheListMachine once and get ten times more traffic and sales. It's your choice.

Whether you consider yourself to be an internet marketing guru, or a newbie just getting started, there is no good reason not to join TheListMachine and get started building your list. The system is absolutely free, so you have nothing to lose, and only subscribers to gain.


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